Front End Small Talk - 7 minute code and life stories. A monthly meetup in Portland, Oregon

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Hi there đź‘‹ and thank you for your interest in giving a small talk.

For some inspiration check out the blog post, what should I talk about? or browse our previous meetups.

Small Talk Format

7 is the magic number. Front End Small talks are pretty small. 7 Slides, 7 Minutes total. The format is:

  • First Slide
    • My name is
    • I work at
    • You wouldn’t guess it, but I’m actually pretty good at... example: doing back flips
    • I've always wanted to... example: sky dive
  • Next 6 Slides
    • Your small talk. Pretend you're talking to a friend over a drink. If you have to show code, keep it small.
  • Q&A
    • We then allow up to 15 minutes for Q&A per talk. The goal is to open a conversation and see where it goes.

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